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Brookshire Grocery Stores: An Organizational Analysis

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Managers. The culture and values of Brookshire’s are constantly reinforced in managers by always maintaining communication (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). Notices of changes or reminders of ways to best serve the customer are delivered by mail, email, or in person from a higher-ranking manager (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). Meetings are also important communication channels for managers (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). Many times, they gather in Tyler, Texas to meet with some of the highest managers of the company (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). Checks and balances are enforced on every level of employment to ensure the values of the company are displayed for the customer to enjoy in every-day service (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014).
Important ways of preservation. Hiring and training practices are one way used to preserve the culture and values of Brookshire’s. Each step of the training process reiterates the importance of the company culture (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). The rotational process continues as the promoted employee trains a newly hired employee (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). Promotions, rewards, and ceremonies seem innumerous the Brookshire company (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). They include, but are not limited to the following: acknowledgments of promotion, retirement, and service milestones in periodical Brookshire Briefs magazines, branch and department awards, Aggressive Hospitality awards of various levels, a safe driver award, customer service awards from the Human Resource Department, and Hall of Fame awards from Tyler offices for retirees based on service provided during employment (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014; Reynolds et al., November/December, 2004, pg. 11). Like most companies, rules and procedures are an integral part of the preservation of culture. Some of the most basic rules that represent the values of Brookshire’s include personal hygiene and professional appearance (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). They promote the value of professionally serving and respecting the customer (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). But no matter the method, Brookshire’s maintains the culture and values of a family-founded, family-oriented, and family-like work environment (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014).
Diversity in Brookshire’s
Although Brookshire’s is not an international company, the four states that it does serve have many areas of diversity, including gender, race, age, religion, lifestyle, educational background, and disabilities. Brookshire’s openly welcomed working women with the change in society that produced that work preference and choice (E. Platt, personal communication, March 22, 2014). In those earlier days, there was no bias, but some jobs required the genetically provided upper-body...

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