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Brother Grim Taking The Merry Out Of Fairy Tales

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After reading the Brothers Grim version of “Cinderella” and viewing the film version of “Cinderella”, Everafter, one can distinguish precise differences between the these two similar stories.

Both versions tell of a young maiden whose mother died when she was young and is then tormented by her stepmother and her two stepsisters who enslave her in her own home and force her to sleep among the ashes of the fireplace. Yet, both stories vary greatly when it comes to the content of the tales. The Brothers Grim version portrays Cinderella as a young, defenseless woman who submits to her stepmothers every wish and endears harsh punishment for any insolence she may show towards her. Another difference in the Brothers story is that Cinderella’s father is still living and does nothing to protect his daughter from the brutal treatment inflicted upon her by her stepfamily. Cinderella’s only comfort is the friendship she has developed between the wild animals that live outside her home.                                             Unlike, the Brothers Grim version Everafter portrays Cinderella as a headstrong orphan who becomes a heroine by standing up for herself even though it may result in punishment. Like the Cinderella in the Brothers story she is tormented by her stepfamily, but in Everafter the youngest stepsister does show her some compassion and she has human friends, not wild animals, who live in the home and assist her with chores.

The Everafter version takes on a more realistic approach when portraying this universal tale of a young servant who...

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