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Lasana M Sekou's Brotherhood Of The Spurs

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In “Brotherhood of the Spurs” Lasana M Sekou explores the lives and impact of our African ancestors had in the Caribbean through memory and narratives. The book is divided into four short stories with the main character in each story being spoken of in the third person with periods of dialoguing by the main character.
In each of the stories Sekou explores the integration of Caribbean natives as they travel throughout the Caribbean and new world.
The first three stories are written from a historical perspective, while the fourth story has a futuristic, present day feel.
In the first story “A Salting” set in a historical background, the focus is on a young female child of African descent whose father appeared to be a noble man. She was also the last child for her father and the only child for her mother, who happened to be the favourite of her father’s many wives. This young girl was approaching adulthood. A female elder who was said to have the ability to foretell when the girl will begin her first period selected the child. Her people saw this elder female as a messenger from God. Not only was she selected by the elder female, she was also selected to accompany this elder female on a journey up the river. To be the one selected to make this journey was seen as a gift.
As the story continues, the child is seen being hurried by her mother to get ready for this new adventure in her life and not to keep the elder female waiting. Her mother appears content and comfortable to allow her only child to leave on an unknown journey.
In the next scene, the child is awaking in the elder female’s home and relating to those in the house her dream of feasting travelers and the danger they faced on the angry river, everyone besides the elder female isn’t paying any attention to the child.
The author now writes the story through the eyes of the child. Her excitement is evident as she asks questions about what is happening around her and looking at the interesting people they meet as they travel along the river.
The story highlights the dangers that they faced as they travelled along the river. This was brought out as the child awoke to find her guardian dead and another voice telling her to hide and he will come and find her.
As the story progressed, it becomes apparent that Sekou’s trend of thought is looking at the cruel way in which, Africans were torn away from their homes, families, and culture. The aggressors, whether the English or the Spaniards, had no regard whether the victim was adult or child, male or female, young or old.
History books have confirmed that the passage from Africa to the New World for the captured Africans was a torturous and in humane journey.
It appeared as if the child was awaken from a dream and was speaking to the elder female. Her fear came through as she screamed for the elder female.
There are questions that Mr. Sekou did not answer
Was the travelling party kidnapped and place aboard a slave ship heading to the new...

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