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I know a fairytale is magical and even realistic. Fairytales have talking animals, magic foods, and fairy godmothers. Also they are used for entertainment and the basis that most children start out with when they are young. Most fairytales have a happy ever after ending and start with “Once upon a time”. Personally, my experiences with fairytales were, I loved certain ones and there were ones that I wouldn’t watch. I loved “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella”. As a child, fairytales gave me hope for a happy ever after. I would often go looking for prince charming or see if my brothers turned into talking mice. When I was younger I lived next to a forest. My friends and I would hop over the gate and play “Snow White”. We would switch up the parts every day and when it got dark we played “Little Red Riding Hood”. Until one day an actual wolf showed up, so we never went over the gate again. Fairytales kept my imagination alive. So when we couldn’t play in the forest anymore we went to the neighborhood playground and resumed where we left off.
Fairytales are important to us because they give us insight to an unrealistic world. These stories give children reasons to explore and see the world for more than it is. Fairytales gave children a reason to look at pumpkins as more than just a pumpkin but as a carriage and trees as more than just a tree but as a home to family of birds. Also it’s important to us because we grew up with fairytales. Fairytales like “Hansel and Gretel” impacted me by teaching me never to go into strangers houses. “Cinderella” taught me that good come’s to those who are good and treat others as you would want to be treated. “Little Red Riding Hood” taught me never talk to strangers no matter how nice they may seem. Even though fairytales have a magic touch they still teach us life lessons. The life lessons that fairytales teach children grow as they grow and they remember them and understand them better. As a child I remember “don’t talk to strangers” as don’t talk to a big bad wolf. When growing up, my imagination was unlimited and nothing was impossible. So fairytales impacted me because I am the person I’m today because I believe anything can happen. Nothing is impossible in the world I live in, even though I’m older now I still believe that good is everything and everyone even though my experience clearly conflict that.
The Search:
When researching fairytales I looked at many different aspects to get a full perception of fairytales. I looked at Grimm’s original fairytales, a modern movie of “Hansel and Gretel” and interviewed my older cousin. When looking at Grimm’s original fairytales, which I never knew anything about I was shocked at how different they were from the Disney remakes. Cinderella’s step sisters actually cut their toe off to fit the shoes in Grimm’s original instead of simply the shoes not fitting in Disney remake. Also while researching and reading the stories all the computers in...

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