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The Browns The Cleveland Browns haven't had a winning season in years. The past few years, especially the last two, have been a disaster. Coach Chris Palmer, who was hired in 1999 to bring the team out of the gutter, has been unable to break the team's losing streak. Their record in 1999 was 2-14 and their record this year was 3-14. It is a miracle that this team is even able to bring in enough fans to keep up the program. The main reason they are surviving is fan loyalty and the love of the game. It is a fact that people love to gather around and watch football on Sunday or on Monday nights. The majority of people have home team spirit, even when their team isn't winning they still root for them, and if that's only way they are going to be able to go to a game then they are going to go. It is clear that through geographic segmentation the Browns have targeted the right market, their present goal should be to get them out of the declining stage and boost ticket sales. Despite the lack of success on the field the Browns may still be able to have success in the box office if they alter ticket prices, discuss a new stadium and a new coach, and offer things at the game.Product pricing, especially value pricing, comes largely into play when discussing the price of tickets to a game. Where a customer would have no problem paying a lot for a winning team such as the Dallas Cowboys, if the team isn't winning, like the Browns, and the customers don't feel like they are worth the price of the tickets then sales will begin to decline. At the present time A ticket to a Dallas Cowboys game is between $40 and $65 and a ticket to a Cleveland Browns game is $25. This may still be a high price for a team that hasn't been winning. The Browns could take one approach and lower the price of tickets to $20. This would increase sales quite a bit. In this case the price is so low that it wouldn't matter what team was playing. Another way they could alter the price is by offering different price packages. They could offer a quantity discount to families or businesses in the area. They could offer a four pack of tickets for $65 taking about $15 off the price. They could also include similar deals for families of five or six. This would encourage more families to come out to a game, emphasizing the fact that for a cheap price you could come out with your whole family to spend quality time together. They could also give a discount to local businesses so that they can sell the tickets to their employees at a lower price. This also helps because they would have someone else aiding in the marketing of their tickets. Another approach they could take is the use of product bundle pricing. They could offer a package of four tickets, four shirts and hats, and a choice of food at the game for a certain low price. This would encourage more people to purchase tickets because they are in turn getting more than just one piece of merchandise. Friends could go to the game for cheaper and...

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