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Visit 3 Child Development Essay

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Visit 3 Child Development

Date: 24.11.04

Time: 4:45 - 7:00

Age: 4 years 4 months

Place:Zack's house

People Present:Zack and I

Aims and planning

From what I have seen of Zack, reading is a very important and
enjoyable part of his day, which will help him develop intellectually,
so today I am going to observe Zack's listening skills and his reading
skills. I will observe these skills by monitoring him whilst I read
him a story called "Billy's Beetle" (which has been read to him on
numerous occasions by his father) and an unknown story called "Our
Puppies Holiday." I will observe his reading skills while he reads a
book called "Ben's stories."


According to "Child Care & Education" by Marian Beaver, young children
in particular, derive great pleasure in being told stories and I have
no doubt that Zack will enjoy the story. It also says that, children
will want the same books repeated over and over again. Therefore I
expect him to be more enthusiastic about "Billy's Beetle." During my
introductory visit I found out that Zack vastly enjoys reading. I
consequently expect him not to lose concentration especially with the
story he is familiar with. According to "A Practical Guide To Child
Development," by Ian Hudson, children tend to concentrate more on
things in which they are interested in. Thus Zack should concentrate
more on "Billy's Beetle" than "Our Puppies Holiday" and I will find
out how much he enjoys reading by analysing his concentration levels.


I told Zack that we would be both reading books today and he instantly
stressed his delight in being able to read stories with me. He scanned
through the books which I had chosen to read with him and he instantly
decided that he wanted me to read "Billy's Beetle" to him. This was as
expected as Children thrive from repetition. Children want the same
stories time and time again. According to "Child Development" by
Heather Brennand, it is a good idea for a child's most popular book to
be left on a display table for a little while, so that the child can
familiarise themselves with the pictures and draw comfort from the

The book was 20 pages long and required attentiveness and as quoted
from ""Child Care & Development" by Pamela Minett, a child who is over
5 years old should be able to listen to the whole story without losing
concentration if the reader uses techniques to sustain their interest.
Zack is not 5 years old yet and although he comfortably read the whole
book and contributed by answering questions that I asked him, he but
didn't surpass my expectations because I was aware of his enjoyment
for this particular book. Next I read "Our Puppies Holiday" and again
he thoroughly enjoyed the story and consistently...

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