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Browsers And Third Party Cookies Essay

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I. Introduction
While third party cookies enable new web functionalities it also enables new risks exposure of a person’s web history. A person’s web history can inevitably reveal personal information which if exploited could lead to bad stuff(job opp/id theft/deals/black mail/embarassement). Thus, privacy should not be an option, it should be the default. Accordingly, browsers should disable third-party cookies by default; require users to "opt-in" to 3rd-party cookies).
II. How third party cookie works and the underlying web economics
Third party cookies enables single-sign-on authentication (e.g. Facebook Login), web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics), and third-party advertisements ...view middle of the document...

In the days that followed, more than 40 companies—including J.P. Morgan Chase, TiVo and others—have said that their customers were among the victims [2].

Secondly, majority of consumers are not willing to be tracked. According to a TRUSTe and Harris Interactive online survey [3], 78% of respondents would not consent to website analytics tracking, 85% would not consent to web browsing tracking for relevant ad, and 54% does not like. [4] When the options are available, 68% refuse to allow companies to share their information with a third party and 52% say that they choose to opt out of online behavioral advertising.

Finally, there is precedence for this opt-in decision. In 2009 the European Union passed the E-Privacy Directive legislation which required websites to acquire visitor consent before they could install cookies [5].

IV. Arguments against opt-out policy
Proponents of an opt-out policy usually have the following arguments.

First, they claim it will break the advertising supported model of internet companies [6]. However, according to Mayer [7] there are many ways to mitigate the advertising such as Adnostic [8] and Google Ads Preferences.

Second, they claim users could always opt-out at their leisure. However, the procedure to opt-out is usually too complicated to people, and the...

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