Searching For Knowledge And Expert Opinions

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In the search for knowledge and truth, there are times in which assumed experts provide insubstantial and useless, if not uneducated, opinions and guidance on their assumed field of expertise. In most of these cases, the assumed expert is not truly an expert. An expert is one who is highly knowledgeable and skillful in a particular field, through an unusually large amount of experience, training, and studies, to the point that he or she is sought after to receive opinions, guidance, and wisdom on the particular field by people that are not highly knowledgeable and skillful on the particular field. A definition equal to the previous one for ‘expert’ is, a master in a particular field. The opinions of true experts in their particular field of expertise are very important and should be highly valued in the search for knowledge.
People are able to seek guidance and educated opinions from experts because of the vast and lengthy expertise in their field. People, contrastingly do not normally seek the opinions of non-experts because they lack sufficient knowledge, experience, and wisdom to be able to give educated and worthy opinions on the supposed field of interest. Experts, however, have enough knowledge and experience to give worthy opinions and ideas for the search for knowledge and greater understandings in the particular fields of interest. Both Payton Manning and Tom Brady are expert quarterbacks. Peyton Manning’s “anticipation and accuracy are virtually unmatched because he throws the ball before defenders are ready and puts it in a place where only his guy can catch it” (Tucker 3). Tom Brady was an incredible leader who put up astounding numbers at times while seemingly willing his team to multiple Super Bowl titles (Tucker 1). John Maynard Keynes was an expert economist in the early 1900s who “spearheaded the revolution in economic thinking” (Naik 1) and “…formed the basis of an independent school of thought—Keynesian economics” (Naik 1). A marine sniper is an expert marksman due to the fact that they go through the number one sniper school in the world, and have been mentally, emotionally, and physically trained to eliminate their targets to best support the mission (Marine Corps News Service 1).
This idea of an expert’s opinions can be extended by examining the different areas of knowledge. An expert historian, although cannot know everything event in history, is extremely knowledgeable in history. One might say, as a counterclaim, that historians can be bias and speculate on certain controversial events in history. This might be true in some cases, but expert historians will first examine all the provided facts before speculating and developing an educated opinion. A math expert knows almost everything through logic and therefore can provide knowledge seekers concrete and proven reasoning and answers. Natural science and human science experts know mainly through experiments research, and sense perception which...

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