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English EssayHow has Bruce Dawe's poetry and the song 'Hero of War' challenge your views about war ?Many Composers such as Bruce Dawe and Rise Against can encouraged the reader to alter their view and perspective about the war. Through Dawe's poem, "Homecoming and Weapons Training", and Rise Against's song "Hero of War", the true reality of war is shown as it is not always about being heroic and ethical but is about being in a constant battle not only in the war-zone but with yourself. Ideas such as Dehumanization, Loss of Dignity and Realities of War can be supported by poetic devices to further emphasize the idea of war. Through this it can be shown that Songs and Poetry can challenge the readers view on War.The three texts of "Homecoming", "Weapons Training" and "Hero of War" all have a similar idea on getting the main message across to the reader. The idea of Dehumanization is a major part in War as it is the act of depriving human qualities, the act is done so that when in battle with the enemy team, the soldier's won't feel any sympathy when killing the enemy and/or innocent people. Within the poem "Homecoming" Dawe shows his concern on dehumanization, he states "they're picking them up,those they can find, and bringing them home, they're bringing them in,piled on the hulls of Grants." the quote shows the lack of respect that the corpses are getting and also they are still being treated as nobodies even though they are dead. Dawe does this primarily through the use of Impersonal Language and repetition "They're and them". His intention for this is to create a un-human like effect ,meaning that they are not human's but are walking killing machines.Dawe's Poem "Weapon's Training" attacks the theme of Dehumanization as it is about a Drill Sergeant using dehumanizing effects on the soldiers. Within the poem the Drill Sergeant single's out a soldier shouting at him "you in the back row with the unsightly fat between your elephant ears open that drain of yours you call a mind and listen"this shows us that the Sergeant is using a tactic by bringing emotional fear and anger to not only the person but the people around him and the aim of this tactic is to harden him up and build anger inside of him so that he can release his anger on the battlefield. Dawe uses Tone in this quote to help set the atmosphere and give a visual idea to the reader to make them feel empathy for the solider.The song "Hero of War" by Rise Against has interpreted the theme of Dehumanization. This is shown in the following quote "We beat him with guns and batons. Not just once but again and again". the quote shows us that the soldiers are fully dehumanized meaning that they do not feel any sympathy for killing or beating people from the enemy side.It also shows that the soldiers are releasing all the anger,humiliation and fear onto the enemy side. Rise Against uses the technique of tone to help emphasize his feelings towards the actions him and the soldiers made.It is...

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