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Bruce Lee Essay

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Assertiveness derives from assertive meaning: style of behavior is to interact with people while standing up for their rights. Assertive people have the following characteristics: they feel free to express their feelings, thoughts, and desires they know their rights, and they have control over their anger. It does not mean they repress this feeling. It means that they control it for a moment and then discuss it later in a logical way. They have a good understanding of feelings of the person with whom they are communicating. In many aspects of Bruce Lee's short life he showed assertiveness a great deal and it helped define him as a person. For example as Lee's celebrity grew his martial arts prowess often brought on unprovoked conflicts a number of street thugs, stunt men and martial arts extras, all hoping to make a name for themselves (2006). For the most part Lee defused the challenges without fighting, but at times felt forced to respond to several persistent individuals. In one incident while filming Enter the Dragon Lee was continually taunted by one of the film extras. The extra claimed as he yelled that Lee was "a movie star, not a martial artist," that he "wasn't much of a fighter." After the barrage of taunts persisted Lee asked the extra to get up from where he was sitting and face him. The extra was a good martial artist from Hong Kong and also was fast, strong, and bigger than Bruce. Lee quickly took the extra apart. After his victory, Lee gave his opponent lessons on how to improve his fighting skills. His opponent, now impressed, would later say to Lee, "You really are a master of the martial arts (2006). In this scenario Lee show his how much of an assertive leader he was and others at the same...

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711 words - 3 pages Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune DoBruce Lee developed his form of the martial arts to be as effective as possible. It's goal was simplicity. As Bruce himself once said, "The art of Jeet Kune Do is simply to simplify." His purpose in creating it was to eliminate all the unecessary points, and focus on the important facets which prove useful in real combat. Jeet Kune Do is the outcome of his ideas, thought, and fighting experiences.Bruce was trained in the

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791 words - 4 pages Why are there so many Chuck Norris jokes but hardly any Bruce Lee jokes? Because Bruce Lee is no joke. Through his films, philosophy, and legacy, Bruce Lee became an icon to the world. Lee’s films had consumed the kung fu genre, and in doing so made him an icon. First of all, kung fu was a new and growing genre, and Lee had monopolized them. According to Bruce Lee’s Wikipedia, before stardom Lee would take on minor roles in American TV dramas

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931 words - 4 pages ABOUT SUMMARY HISTORY/ORIGIONS Etymology Jeet Kune Do is a Cantonese word which literally translates as “the way of the intercepting fist. The term was first coined by Bruce Lee in 1967 to describe his way of practicing martial art and the philosophy behind it. The philosophy behind the fighting style was one of the reasons why he struggled to put a name to his martial arts because in that way he would have conformed something that he

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781 words - 3 pages completely different, in actuality they are somewhat the same. It just needs to be clearly observed very closely. Every characteristic and every trait must be fully analyzed before they can truly be compared and contrasted to full extent. Author Bruce Catton understands this concept, by digging deeply into both Grant and Lee backgrounds. Catton was able to define both of these fine generals, knowing their similarities and differences.

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738 words - 3 pages Abstract: Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts Wars and conflicts may determine the rise or fall of great leaders. Even today, such leaders are portrayed as martyrs for their impeccable courage and valor on the battlefield. In Bruce Catton's essay, Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts, he reveals the different leadership styles of both generals and then presents the strength of two conflicting currents that entered into a final collision, the

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2909 words - 12 pages Choi, N.G., McDougall, G.J. (2007). Comparison of depressive symptoms between homebound older adults and ambulatory older adults. Aging and mental health,11(3) : 310-322 Choi, N.G., Sirey, J.A., & Bruce, M.L. (2013). Depression in Homebound older adults: Recent advances in screening and psychosocial interventions. National Institute of health, 2(1): 16–23 Jacobsen, L.A., Kent, M., Lee, M. et al. (2015). America’s Aging Population. Population

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2110 words - 8 pages film directing is one that is unmatched In Hong Kong cinema or in the world for that matter.As far as actors are concerned, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are the most famous men in Hong Kong cinema. As a child, Bruce Lee appeared in a number of films. As a youth, he also began to study the martial arts and as a young man left Hong Kong to go to college in America. While in America, he was able to win a part in the television series, The Green Hornet

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575 words - 2 pages a good understanding of feelings of the person with whom they are communicating. In many aspects of Bruce Lee’s short life he showed assertiveness a great deal and it helped define him as a person. For example as Lee's celebrity grew his martial arts prowess often brought on unprovoked conflicts a number of street thugs, stunt men and martial arts extras, all hoping to make a name for themselves (2006). For the most part Lee defused the

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