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Bruce Mau Essay

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Imagine you are visiting New York city. Now further imagine yourself standing in Times Square within New York city. As you stand on the sidewalk, looking up, you are overwhelmed by the influx of media that surrounds you. In varying intervals you are exposed to fashion advertisements, some seconds later you are then watching news coverage regarding international events. Continuing to watch there are then more fashion ads, consumer marketing featuring Macy's, FAO Schwartz, and countless others. Your only escape from this overwhelming bombardment is to ignore the constant change and influx altogether. For a consumer driven society, there is no positive message that is communicated. We, as an American people, are only exposed to goods or services that we supposedly need, where the need is actually a commodity or want. Instead of focusing our energy on consumption, which seems to be our unexplained constant need to acquire more, we as a collective society, should focus on our long term prolonging of a lifestyle with sacrifice. That sacrificing certain extras could, in a positive way, inspire innovation towards change. That the exposure we encounter, with regard to advertising, could actually have an impact on those who watch. By watching, all individuals exposed can absorb a visual message, inspiring change towards action rather than a universal numbness to visual stimulus.
Paralleling this concept of change towards action is Bruce Mau, the CEO of Bruce Mau Design, and an innovator, in many instances of this idea of change through action. He is believed to, among other things, be one of the first influential minds towards design innovation. What is meant by design innovation isn't what most think, according to Bruce, Appreciative Inquiry can be used to create solutions to world problems. Using positive attitudes and positive visual messages, one can create opportunity, where those who are not involved adopt newer perspectives through others who are involved in positive action. Thinking further, we all can agree that there is power in numbers. Most of us use this adage when dealing with societal problems, that the law enforcement present will not act on a larger group for fear of retaliation and personal harm to themselves. The opposite is using strength in numbers to create positive action and participation. Bruce Mau believes strongly in this idea, and in his speech, on the second day of the 2009 Global Forum conference, he addresses the more complex idea of a Sustainable America.
Indeed a sustainable America is a great idea, though many would comedically chuckle at the thought. Bruce agrees with this fact, that the idea seems to large to tackle, however points out that solving the problem of sustainability isn't as far fetched as we think. An example of the epidemic we face as American's is Bruce's insight on consumption, “...that five percent of the world population consumes twenty-six percent of the worlds resources.(Veale Center, 2009)” An...

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