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For my weekly conference I’ve decided to discuss about Brute Force Attack.
• Brute Force Attack is the simplest attack method used and is aimed to gain access to a particular site by attempting to break through a security system through possible combinations. The attack is systematic, deliberate and methodical and its goal is to use any possible code combinations of usernames and passwords repeatedly until one is correct and access is granted to the intruder. A brute force attack starts with the letter “a” and works its way up eventually finding out weak passwords like “password”, “1qaz2wsx” or “123456789”. Brute force attack does not exclude anyone from any organization. Brute force attack is dependent of computer processing speed and the time it has to find the right password combination.
Often times, users create weak usernames and passwords which makes brute force work every time. According to Eric Cole writer of Hackers Beware, 10 years ago a password would have taken over 100 years to crack with technology used during that period. With today’s technology, that same password could be cracked in a week. According to Dan Goodin “ars technica” developed a computer 25-GPU cluster capable of cycling through over 350 billion password guesses per second to include every standard Windows password in less than six hours! This cluster was able to use every possible eight-character passwords including uppercase and lowercase letters, all possible digit and symbol combinations. Another key factor is that the attack may come from more than one attacking device. A hacker can hijack and use other machines to use against the target device. Imagine how quickly a hacker could breach a security system if he/she were to have just two ars technica computer clusters attacking one device.

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