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Brutus: Patriot Essay

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It’s often said that actions speak louder than words, but perhaps there are some intentions that develop into actions which surpass all understanding. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus assassinates his beloved Caesar. Many assume that Brutus betrayed Caesar when he killed him, but perhaps his intentions for killing Caesar were those of a patriot far beyond our comprehension. Love, whether it’s romantic or brotherly is stronger and far larger than we can put into words or logical actions. What Brutus did may appeared to be that of a betrayer, but he was anything but a traitor; Brutus was a true Patriot.
The infamous line from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, ”Et tu, Brute?” is seen ...view middle of the document...

I will venture further that say that even if his love for Caesar surpassed his patriotism to his country, his actions wouldn’t have been any different.
Now that if has been established that Brutus was not a betrayer, it will be made evident that he was indeed a patriot and loved Caesar. Early on in the play, in Act 1, Cassius is seen trying to persuade Brutus to join the conspirators and take down Caesar. On Brutus’ behalf, it should be noted that it was not his idea to kill Caesar. He didn’t even want to join the group of conspirators at first, but Cassius, being the sly cunning snake he is, managed to take advantage of Brutus and get him on his team. Although Brutus does not say directly “I love Caesar”, he says in quietly in his intentions. Had he not loved Caesar, Brutus would have jumped on the wagon with the conspirators from the beginning. He wouldn’t have been hesitant as he was. In the play, Brutus is often in distress over the current scenario. This shows that what he was going to do greatly troubled him and he was greatly convicted that it was wrong. Had he not loved Caesar, he would have been like Cassius and had no...

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