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Unit Summary

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to manage the ongoing relationship with a customer, which includes assisting the customer to articulate their needs, meeting customer needs and managing networks to ensure customer needs are addressed.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement. This unit contains employability skills.

This unit applies to workers required to be familiar with a product and/or service that varies widely and is capable of significant customisation. The customer relationship would typically involve direct interaction a number of times over an extended period. This unit is appropriate to workers who are expected to have detailed product knowledge in order to recommend customized solutions. They would be expected to apply organizational procedures and be aware of, and apply as appropriate, broader factors involving ethics, industry practice and relevant government policies and regulations.

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How to Conduct these Assessments
It is important that prior to conducting this assessment, the assessor undertakes the following:

Prior to conducting the assessment

· Read the assessment task as detailed throughout this document
· Contextualise the task (and checklist) to ensure it reflects the students working environment. (Be sure to check with the mapping document to ensure any contextualisation still covers the unit requirements)

· Read the assessor instructions and checklist prior to commencing the assessment

· Ensure the workplace (or simulated environment) is suitable for the parameters of the task, to ensure the students will have an appropriate opportunity to demonstrates their skills

· Make suitable modifications to the workplace if required to allow all tasks to be observed

· If undertaken on the job - discuss the assessment with the workplace supervisor, to so they are aware of what will happen throughout the process

· Ensure the student is allocated the appropriate time and resources for the task

· If undertaken on the job - Determine and agree with the supervisor an acceptable time frame for each assessment.

· Advise the student prior to conducting the assessment of:

· what will occur throughout the assessment process

· when the assessment will occur

· the level of competency expected

· NB: You should not tell the student how to undertake the task, as it would lead the student and render the assessment process invalid. The student should have been taught "How" to perform each task during the training stage, and is...

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