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Bsbwor502 B: Ensure Team Effectiveness Essay

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1. A group of people differentiates from a team in the following way:
• Involves members acting independently;
• Every person performs essentially the same actions; and
• The performance of one person has no direct effect on the performance of other team members.

2. It is important to establish a clear team purpose. Encouraging members to question the purpose of the team, how it will operate and what it is expected to achieve serves to foster a deeper understanding of the team’s role, and the role of each team member that comprises it, than is possible if this information is simply relayed from an external source. Providing team members the opportunity to debate the role of the team allows them to shape their purpose and understand in common.

3. Implications of role ambiguity within a team framework and with regard to the following are:
• Task achievement - No significant task can be accomplished without the help of other members.
• Team cohesion - Within the team, members typically specialize in different tasks. The point of a team is that each individual in the team brings a range of skills, knowledge, attitudes, aptitudes, personalities and priorities to the team.
• Personal achievement - The success of every individual is extricable bound to the success of the whole team.

4. It is important that the team’s purpose and role be collaboratively developed so all employees know and clearly understand the organization’s vision, strategies, goals and objectives, and align their team goals with them.

5. Examples of documents that record in writing a team’s purpose and role are:
• Mission statement – this is extremely effective as it defines the organization’s purpose and primary objectives as well as guides the actions of the team within an organization. It spells out its overall goal, provides a path, and guides decision-making. It provides the framework or context within which the company's strategies are formulated. It also motivates a team to realize an attractive and inspiring common vision of the future.
• Memorandum of Agreement – this is effective it states the relationship between parties wishing to work together on a project or to meet an agreed upon objective. It also describes the terms and details of the partnership agreement including; Purpose of the Agreement, Detailed Description of Roles and Responsibilities, Payment Schedule if Applicable, Duration of the Agreement and Signatures of Parties involved. It is important to have all of this noted in writing over a verbal agreement.
• Role and Responsibility Statement – this again is very effective as it clearly outlines the duties of the role that need to be carried out as well as the responsibilities that are involved. It paints a clear picture of what is expected and can be measured effectively.

6. Roles and tasks can be clearly allocated to team members by utilizing people who can, as a group perform all the technical skills required for the task. Select...

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