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1. The current computer system of eLoanDocs will run out of their useful life soon and there will be no more capacity for expansion. In order to determine whether they should continue with the present model using their co-location partners, it is necessary to evaluate the business model, market share and operations of this organization. ELoanDocs was established primarily to improve the speed and accuracy of the mortgage-closing process, which has significantly increased the market share for Premium Title and successfully in built a network of local mortgage service providers. By now, the company has been well developed with a large number of clients across the country.
Given the company’s need for scalability and reliability in a cost-saving way and the rapidly increasing demand of its electronic services, it is clear that the current storage capacity and the processing infrastructure cannot meet the requirement and should be replaced with an improved system. For instance, hybrid cloud has been applied by a majority of business, which can provide not only the security benefits of private systems but also the demanding scalability, to meet the growing demand of customers and the market. Adopting the strategy to combine their current model with hybrid cloud will offer them a more flexible infrastructure and larger scalability, saving more time and costs due to cloud computing.

2. The main reason why many financial companies resist to adopt the cloud technology lies in the continuing data security concerns. Most companies concern about the leakage of confidential data and the absent control of data followed by regulatory restrictions.
To solve this problem and convince the clients, firstly, eLoanDocs should collaborate with the cloud...

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