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B Tree Java Program For Cs Students Data Structures Program

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//Name: Eric Elguea
//Course: CS 2302
//Assignment: Lab 3
//Instructor: Olac Fuentes
//T.A.: Angel Garcia
//Last Modification Date: 07/5/2017
//Purpose: BTreeNode class that stores all methods being used for
// testing and finding values in a BTree
public class BTreeNode{
public int[] key;
public BTreeNode[] c;
boolean isLeaf;
public int n;
private int T; //Each node has at least T-1 and at most 2T-1 keys
public BTreeNode(int t){
T = t;
isLeaf = true;
key = new int[2*T-1];
c = new BTreeNode[2*T];
public boolean isFull(){
return n==(2*T-1);
public void insert(int newKey){
// Instert new key to current node
// We make sure that the current node is not full by checking and
// splitting if necessary before descending to node
//System.out.println("inserting " + newKey); // Debugging code
int i=n-1;
if (isLeaf){
while ((i>=0)&& (newKey=0)&& (newKeyinsertChild;j--){
c[j] =c[j-1];
key[j] = key[j-1];
key[insertChild]= c[insertChild].key[T-1];
c[insertChild].n = T-1;
BTreeNode newNode = new BTreeNode(T);
for(int k=0;k

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