Looking Back On The Mba Program

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Looking back
An in person interview was part of the application process for the executive MBA program. In this interview, Julie Orzabel explained the program as “doing 4-6 weeks of a regular MBA program in a single weekend”. At first, this makes sense but now I think nothing is farther from the truth and it should not be the objective either. The most impactful courses in the curriculum are these that provide the basic concepts rather than full course content. Without the professional work experience these concepts would not make as much sense as they do with real-life experience. I highlighted a few of these concepts and highlighted why and how they are impactful.
Incentives and organizational architecture
Organizational architecture was the most impactful subject for me. Large corporations are difficult to understand at times; who really makes key decisions and why are they made the way they are made? When analyzing the corporation at is its bare-bones structures one starts to understand why this is the case. I find Dr. Zardkoohi’s concept of the three-legged stool extremely useful to explain a lot of the behavior I observe around me in the organization I work. The three legs in the organization are; decision rights, incentives and performance evaluation. If I look at the organization I work in and spot behavior or decisions that at first look do not make sense to me, applying these lenses provides an explanation. It appears that the people that make these decisions have all incentives to do so but are not necessarily maximizing the value for the company. Getting the incentives right and balanced will improves the effectiveness of the organization.
Customer focus
The connection to a customer and my daily job is not always obvious. The frameworks around customer focus and customer service proof to provide very useful lenses. In my current role, I evaluate a large number of ideas for technical merit. The customer focuses adds another dimension to really analyze where this technology could be used and which benefits it will create for the user.
Risk and reward
The balance between risk and reward...

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