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Bubble Tanks Essay

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Bubble Tanks is a popular series of online flash games created by hero interactive. Game development across the three games is the main reason why the games are still successful today. Let’s have a look at a summary of the three games and where they have been developed, and also why they are so popular in the online flash world.
Bubble Tanks one
Bubble tanks one is a 2D shoot’em up game. Your character has to progress through a series of large bubbles, and your objective is to destroy your enemies, which come in different forms. When you defeat your enemies you gain shield from the fallen.
Bubble Tanks two
The second game in the series is a huge development from the first. This game has improved vastly through clever development. Now instead of just the normal mode there is an additional stage called the arena mode. However the regular mode has not been forgotten and you will find improved enemies which will have your head in a spin.
Bubble Tanks Tower Defence
Even though it is a completely different game from the first two you can still tell it’s a hero interactive game. Developers have made the move from shoot’em up to defence game without a problem. In bubble tanks tower defence, the idea is to stop enemy bubbles from reaching their goal. To do this you have to set up and upgrade towers. With a substantial 52 stages, bubble tanks tower defence will have you playing it for hours.
So why have these three hero interactive games become so popular? Let’s take a look at some points that make these three games different from others, ultimately setting them apart from other games in their genre.
As with all other 2D flash games, graphics are rarely a crucial point, and with these three games there is no difference, the graphics are in line with other popular flash games. From the very first bubble tank game you have the option to set the graphics from high to low, many will know that this is usually a development added to later games. I would recommend that you set the graphics to low, especially if you have an older computer, however if you have a good computer you will not have any problems running anyone of these three games.
With the first two bubble tanks games the controls are changeable, and I think it’s imperative that you find the controls that are right for you.
For the defence game everything is controlled by the mouse, unless you decide to use hotkeys. Hotkeys can be very helpful for the more experienced gamer, if used correctly they will save you valuable seconds.
For the first two games, the way enemies have developed is one of the main differences between the two games. Enemies get much harder in the second bubble tanks game.
In the defence game, there are many...

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