Buckland´S Argument On Information And The Importance Of The Search For Knowledge

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Everyday millions of people get online and surf the internet, before that people went to libraries and checked out books, and before any of that was possible, empires wrote on wet clay tablets filled with writings that they stored in private rooms, palaces, and temples. These soon became known as private libraries, and soon other empires joined in. What was important was that they were storing and sharing information, each innovation of sharing information has one main goal, to search and obtain knowledge. It is essential in our everyday behavior to seek information to gain knowledge. The goal of this paper is to present Buckland’s argument on information as well as give my argument. What you will gain from this paper is how it is essential in human behavior to search for knowledge.
Information is defined in several ways; Webster defines Information as, the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence: knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction, intelligence, news, facts, and data. The class gave a definition from Ken Davenport that said, “Information is data endowed with relevance and purpose.”(Davenport 2002) We gather information from data that turns into information that is then been understood and received as knowledge that has been remembered throughout that person’s life as wisdom. Russell Ackoff defined information as, “information is data that has been given meaning by way of relational connection.” (Bellinger 2004) This definition was giving as means to illustrate the cycle of how information is formed and transferred. My own definition of information is that, information is the flow of knowledge to people from studies, books, investigations, etc. We obtain information from reading books, newspapers, articles off the internet, or from individuals trained in relaying information for academic means. Information is very important in our day-to-day lives, it is essential in our behavior to seek information as a means to gather knowledge about decisions, houses, food, research topics, and whatever last minute tasks we need to look up. Use of a variety of research methods, including books, internet, and word of mouth. I use information throughout my life, as a college student I acquire information every time I attend a lecture, read from textbooks, or research in the library.
My research behaviors are influenced by a variety of outside directories. I often am drawn to the internet as I search these days as a new parent, I am drawn to forums, and articles mainly about infant care. I gather information from in-laws and my family as well. I read magazines and books that focus on infant care in the varieties of medical, financial, and parental care. Every new thing that my little one does amazes or worries me that in the spirit of me being cautious I instantly seek information online. As Donald Case explains in his book, Looking for Information, “our daily life is peppered with instances in which we become...

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