Buddha And Its Religion On The World 2015 Essay

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Ramsey Davis
Mr. Daniel Alvarez
REL 3308
The Buddhist religion is very peculiar and it is predicated upon the “4 Noble Truths” and
the eighth fold path. Buddhist do not believe in a God nor do they have one. They believe and
follow the act of Buddha who was the “Enlightened one” that believed in a certain way this is
how you’re supposed to live. The four Noble Truths are the truth of suffering (Dukkha), the
cause of suffering (Samudaya), the end of suffering (Nirhoda), and the truth that frees us from
suffering (Magga). Dukkha is that suffering comes in many forms and the other three
correspond. Dukkha goes very deep in which life is not ideal and that it often fails to live up to
our expectations. Satisfactions for humans are only temporary and pleasure does not last but
becomes monotonous. Buddha’s teachings don’t end with suffering but tells us how to end it.
Samudaya the second noble truth claims to have found the solution of all suffering and its
deeper than our immediate worries. In this noble truth, the root of all suffering is desire that
comes in three forms. Buddha named them as the three roots of evil: Greed and desire symbolled
as a rooster, ignorance or delusion represented by a pig, and finally hatred and destructive urges
symbolized as a snake. Nirhoda is the third noble truth to end desire which causes suffering.
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