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Buddhism And Modern Psychology Final Exam Essay

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This video lecture course is about Buddhism and how it is valid in the terms of modern psychology, hence the name Buddhism and Modern Psychology. In this essay, I will answer two questions pertaining to the topic of how Buddhism in the eyes of psychology is valid. The questions have been chosen out of a list and they are the ones that I felt were most relevant to the topic.
The first question that I have chosen to answer is whether modern science lends support to the logic behind Buddhist meditation. Meditation has the reputation of being practiced solely by lone monks and gurus sitting in lotus position humming a mantra, but over the course of the lecture it was possible to ...view middle of the document...

It is well known that Catholicism and Christianity are very major religions prevalent in the world, but Buddhism, although somewhat major, tends to agree with science due to the fact that no belief in a divine source of power exists. Aside from that, there are other ways that modern science agrees Buddhism. This is the second question I have chosen to answer, that modern science does lend support to the moral validity of Buddhism.
The moral validity of Buddhism is defined by those who practice it and Dharma, or the teachings of the Buddha. There are many things that Buddhism teaches that is in common with other major religions, such as concepts of peace and treating others with kindness. Buddhism’s other teachings can be supported with evidence provided by the current views of evolution, natural selection, and Darwinian theory such as the idea of self-importance, getting your genes into the next generation, and survival and adaptation.
In the lectures, it is said that Buddhism is essentially going against everything that natural selection has chosen to be beneficial for the survival of the human race. Now, there is no way that the human race will die out if everyone became Buddhist, but in saying that Buddhism goes against natural selection clearly shows that Buddhism has to be clearly evaluated by science in order to make that assumption.
For example, by not considering yourself to be any more important that any other human being, you are risking a chance to not make yourself seem special or unique and therefore making it theoretically harder to find a mate. This is a basic product of natural selection, and is...

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