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Descriptive and non-experimental research is very relevant in the sciences, although many people may not understand that. Non-experimental research can come in two forms; a quantitative study, or a qualitative study. A quantitative study can include research methods such as interviews, questionnaires, surveys and/or psychological tests (Smythe, 2014). A qualitative study can include research methods including qualitative interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research and/or historical research (Smythe, 2014). Both methods of non-experimental research are beneficial in the world of science or psychology as they can both produce new knowledge.
For this assignment, the class was asked to pick a relatively new, non-experimental, research study. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality recently produced an article including a new study. The study is “A Quantitative Study of ‘Friends with Benefits’ Relationships” by Inga Gusarova, Vanessa Fraser and Kevin G. Alderson., which is a relatively new area of study. Because this is a new area of study, the authors believe that this is the first quantitative study of friends with benefits relationships done in Canada (Gusarova, Fraser & Alderson, 2012, 57) and it is probable an area of research that is unknown to many people. This article was very interesting to read and gave new ideas to a new form of relationship that many people today are engaging in.
Article Summary
This article, “a Quantitative Study of ‘Friends with Benefits’ Relationships”, is very new knowledge in Canada about a new type of relationship that people are starting to engage in, called friends with benefits. Throughout the article the authors refer to this relationship as FWBR, which is how this essay will refer to the relationship as well. Since this is a new relationship that many people are unfamiliar with, a detailed background of the FWBR was given. Gusarova, Fraser and Alderson state in their article that they define FWBR “as a relationship between two people who begin as friends of acquaintances and subsequently introduce some degree of sexual intimacy for an undetermined period of time, which participants themselves regard as a non-dating relationship” (Gusarova, Fraser & Alderson, 2012, 41). Once the definition of what a FWBR is was defined, it was easier to understand what the study was trying to achieve.
Research Question
This study looked at undergraduate university Canadian men and women who were involved in FWBR at a prior point in time, or ones that were currently involved in this type of relationship (Gusarova, Fraser & Alderson, 2012, 45). The study was based off of previously done qualitative study, by Fraser (2010), on FWBR and then changed the findings to that of a quantitative study. This current study involved 281 participants, including 135 females and 146 men. This study contained three different hypotheses and a secondary hypothesis (Gusarova, Fraser & Alderson, 2012, 45).
The first hypothesis...

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