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Budget Problem Solving Essay

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The government of the United States has undergone drastic change since its original development. The checks and balances throughout the government’s three branches were intentionally created to keep the central powers relatively weak. The U.S. government of today, while still technically operating under those checks and balances, has significantly more clout than ever before. The negative effects of this power swell are quite visible in the constant difficulties in passing a national budget. The country's national deficit and bloated spending are both evidences of the issues caused by a government with too much power on their hands. The huge mandatory spending limits of categories such as Income Security and Health serve as prime examples. Even with limits in the mid-billions the government continues to needlessly increase these categories' discretionary limits. They give handouts “free” services in healthcare and financial support; but nothing is truly free. In order to receive these government benefits people must sacrifice rights for which past men and women of this nation fought and died. Privacy, freedom of choice in food, housing, and medical treatment are rapidly dwindling; not to mention the self-respect derived from personally providing for one's family. These may seem like trivial matters to some but they are the first steps to a controlling and even dictatorial government. Our institution of government was intended to provide the most freedom with only the most necessary of limitations. Today, this definition has been stretched near to the breaking.

The budget proposal presented by the Presidential office blatantly seeks to strengthen the government and weaken the people. The budget claims a reduction in the deficit and an increase in job availability through the growth of small businesses. Unfortunately, the proposed way of achieving these goals is to sink more government funds into local infrastructure, healthcare and start-up businesses. Such a proposal may have immediate benefits, but in the end only serves to extend central government reach (Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Overview).

With promises very similar, “The People's Budget” of the Congressional Progressive Caucus takes a slightly different path by attacking the tax system in order to decrease the national deficit. The CPC proposes to cut needless taxes, such as the Estate Tax, as well as to end the wars overseas. Yet they still manage to dip deeper into the pockets of citizens by suggesting a raise of the taxable income limit to 90% on the employee side. Where does this extra money go? Over one trillion of it will go directly back into government funding of infrastructure, education and small businesses. Both of these budgets boast massive benefits that increase the influence of the government in the everyday lives of citizens (Congressional Progressive Caucus).

The House Republicans “Path to Prosperity” budget outline is considerably more vague than the previous two but...

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