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Budget Traveling: No More Holdups Essay

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Have you ever as a child encountered those disappointing moments where your father or mother had to cancel some highly-expected trips because of financial reasoning? Or have you ever as an independent adult put off your own or family vacation due to lack of confidence in choosing the best of the best for every single aspect of your travel plan? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then this paper would definitely help you to understand the reason behind your parents’ action or maybe solve your own travel holdups problem in return. If you answer no to both of the questions above, then this paper would inspire you and take you to experience the sensational world of budget traveling. In this paper, there are going to be four major categories to be discussed and they are: the reason behind the travel cancellation for people in general, the definition of budget traveling, the benefit of budget traveling and last but not least, the ways and strategies of budget traveling.
Travel holdup that happens due to the product of financial considerations would probably the most common travel problem happening so frequently in our life. In “Luxury Travel on a Tight Budget: Global Travel and Vacation”, Chris Robertson (2007) states that many people when asked the reason why they lay back the idea of taking some time off for travel, unfortunately, would simply say, “It’s just a matter of time until I would’ve gathered enough money for my dream holiday.” Looking from this example, we could instantly perceive that money factor comes first on the list of the travel holdups reason. It is something undisputable that when having to face with financial dilemma, people would have the tendency to part themselves away from luxuries and other unnecessary expenditure including vacations.
Another motive, excluding money related factor, that would hold responsible for the push back on making such trips would be the weak mindset that these people have about traveling. People may see that working seems to be more justified than going away on holidays, as saving or making money is always encouraged rather than purchasing luxuries. These people, foolish in their minds, never actually thought about the real benefit of having holidays. The benefit of having a vacation would be apparent on its educational aspect to teach both adults and children by giving something much more vivid and perceptible for their minds to digest. In “The Family Vacation (Climate-Change Lessons Included), Eilene Zimmerman (2007) explains about the significance of vacations, including educational trips for children as they learn better from experience than just by reading textbooks and this works just the same for adults. People need a break from time to time to divert their already tired minds and bodies from all the daily business they confront each day and if they think of holidays as secondary necessities then they might as well forget the idea of having them at all because their foolish...

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