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What are some questions that come to mind when you think of the budgetary process? Some may ask questions like what exactly does the budgetary process mean and how does it work? How has the budget process been handled in recent years and has it changed? How do we contribute to the budgetary process and does it benefit or affect us the people? The budget is an important document and process in state government and the decisions made can either benefit or affect the citizens of the states therefore it is of importance to us as well. The budget determines how much money is funded to each organization or company for example, how much money will be available for all of our public services. It also plays a role in how much we as Californians have to pay in taxes and fees. Therefore, our budget is a necessary part of the control system. Marian Radu states that “The budget is a financial plan covering, usually a period of one year is an important tool for short term planning and a control tool throughout the organization. It is also a short-term action plan whose purpose is to organize an effective manner and to coordinate all human and material resources of the enterprise.”
First, the budgetary process has a series of steps it has to undergo before it can get signed off by the Governor. For example, the governor must first submit a complete plan as well as a specific statement with amounts for the state to each house in January where he will then reveal the budget at a formal press conference. Then, once the documents have been submitted to each of the house of legislature a budget bill is presented. The bill will also be introduced to the Assembly Budget Committee and the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. Following that there is an analysis done on the budget that was provided by the Governor by The legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) who in turn will give their detailed review towards the end of February. The Analysis of the budget bill is a document that includes individual department findings as well as recommendations for legislative action. Now, the Perspective and Issues document contains an overview of the state’s fiscal policy and recognizes and sees some of the major policy problems facing the Legislature. The importance of these two documents is that in an essence it helps set the list of things that needs to be done as far as setting the state budget. While the budget process is in motion the LAO staff works with the Legislature’s fiscal committee who will in turn bring forth a public testimony on the office’s recommendations. The subcommittees from The Assembly Budget Committee, the Senate Budget, and the Fiscal Review consider and review each item in the budget. The subcommittees have the power over different programs such as health and human services, education, state services and so forth. Since the subcommittees have power to a certain extent they have the ability to either approve or disapprove as well as reject or make...

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