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Budweiser Analysis Of Potential Marketing Efforts Queen's University/Film 340 Research Paper Proposal

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Film 340: Final Research Paper Proposal October 23, 2017
Budweiser – The King of Beers
The “King of All Beers”, Budweiser is one of the largest beer brands in the world and has almost been a household name in the USA (Russell, 2012). In modern-day, Budweiser is seen as our ‘Father’s beer’, something older adults drink or a serious beer drinker. In recent years, craft-brands had been removing Budweiser from taps at bars and out-selling it in stores (Forbes, 2017). Clearly, the surge in Craft Beer consumption as Millennials mature into the legal drinking age, the sales of this global beer brand have been decreasing. To combat this decline, the company has rebranded their beer and changed the iconic ‘Bowtie’ image as an effort to please their old fashioned consumers while also reaching out to the Millennials (Adweek, 2016). Their advertising campaigns which all play with the “Bud” brand including “#Thisbudsforyou”, “#BestBuds” and of course “King of All Beers” (Adage, 2003). Although a Bohemian style lager, it started in the United States and has always maintained its image very close to American culture. Their international campaigns in the 80s were even centred on promoting the dream of American success in countries like Japan, U.K, Germany and elsewhere – often showcasing American nature or images of the “American Dream” (Verbeke, 2009). Everything from it colouring (Red, white, blue), an eagle, strong support for the military troops and deep origin in American history makes the brand quintessentially American. But at the same time, Budweiser’s company AB InBev has been involved with multiple labour disputes and many other controversies in its long standing history (NPR, 2012).
Gun loving, anti-communist, pick-up truck driving, self-centred, fast-food eating, conservative Bible Lovers. I do not even to need mention the country name, but almost anyone reading even one of those descriptions instantly thinks of the stereotyped “American Redneck” (Kranitz, 2016). Clearly a stereo-type of the American south, but one often attacked in satire as a representation of the country. Now, more than ever this image has only become more globally known with Donald Trump as perhaps the most estranged and controversial President in American history (Serwer, 2016). The branding of ‘America’s beer’ with their now more than ever popular stereotype is the perfect means to hijack the long standing history of Budweiser.
Plan of Action
The purpose of the paper is to look into Budweiser’s, and as a result, Anheuser-Busch’s, deep history in American history and culture. The paper will be broken into two parts. The first will look into everything from their humble beginning in St. Louis, Missouri, their affects on U.S culture, their effects on the Advertising Industry and analyze their recent rebranding to Millennials. The second part of the paper hijack the Budweiser brand on delve into the American stereotype as a way to market it’s...

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