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Budweiser Stock Essay

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Over the last couple months the class has participated in the stock market game. With our partner, we chose a company that we wanted to invest our stocks into. We would then track our company over the months. If we saw a decline then we could sell stocks and try to invest in a different company in hope that we would have more money. If our company was doing well then we would continue to invest in that particular company. During this time we were competing with the other members in our class. The goal was to have the most money by the end of the stock market game. By strategically looking into multiple companies, my partner made the decision to invest into Budweiser in hopes that it would ...view middle of the document...

The people will have more money to be able to purchase more products. Many workers are happy with their jobs for Budweiser because of great management and benefits. They say that the bosses are friendly and the working place is a friendly environment. With these good working conditions, this will motivate people to actually go and want to work thus improving the economy with more people working.
As a way to grab people’s attention and get them to notice the company, Budweiser uses social media to their advantage. You can see their commercials on TV or their ad in the newspaper. During special events such as the Super Bowl, you can see many of their commercials. This will either increase or decrease their stock, For example, this past Super Bowl there was an increase because people were happy with their advertisement and investing into the company.
I do think that this is a very good long term investment for someone that is looking to buy shares. Though there was a short time where we saw our stocks decrease and lost some money, within just a couple days there was an increase again. This is a company that shows very good increase consistency in its stocks. My partner and I invest a total of 550 stocks into the Budweiser Company. Just by purchasing this amount of shares our stocks are now worth a total of $84,057.00 with only a loss of $3,731.70 I believe that this profit alone shows what a promising and smart decision it is to invest into. Because of our profits into the stocks, our company has a gain of +$1,657.09 with a +1.66% return. At the moment, Budweiser is at +0.81 (.74%).
As the years go on, the demand for the products that Budweiser has to offer will increase just as the population will. The increase in product will create an...

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