Budweiser The "True" Campaign. The Successful Advertising Campaign For Anheuser Busch. It Reflects Campaign Objectives, Execution And Results.

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CHAPTER 1: HISTORY AND DIFFERENT KINDS OF TELEVISIONTelevision was invented in the early 19th century but took general publics attention after WW2. People very soon realised the power of this medium to reach masses. It was the only medium to provide sight, sound and motion together. Today this medium of Television is available in three forms;· Broadcast TV· Cable TV· Satellite TVBroadcast TVThis reaches the audiences through the transmission of electromagnetic waves in air. Even today Broadcast TV attracts the largest amount of national Advertising dollars. At present Canada have 127 commercial TV stations. Broadcast channels are transmitted either on VHF (Very High Frequency) or UFH (Ultra High Frequency).Cable TVCable TV reaches its audience through wires going house to house. Though it's been around since late 1940's but progressed in the 70's. It drew a huge number of broadcast viewers. Cable networks have provided an Audience Fragmentation, which helps companies reach their specific target market more accurately. Today more than 77% of the US households have a cable connection.Satellite TVSatellite technology is recent but is growing. Signal are sent to the satellite and then delivered back direct-to-home. Some of them offer around 500 channels to a single mini dish across the nation.Satellite and cable channels have a nominal fee.An average home in US watches 7.26 hours everyday of TV/Cable/VCRCHAPTER 2: TELEVISION AS MEDIUMMedia PurchaseThe advertiser buys ads. Based on the viewing audience of each program. Advertiser can buy time on TV by sponsoring entire program, participation basis in a program with others, purchasing spot announcements between programs and purchasing spots from syndicatesFull SponsorshipHere the advertiser is responsible for both the program content and the total cost of production. Single sponsorships are usually limited to specials.Companies sponsoring fully retrieve two benefits.· The public more readily identifies with the product due to the prestige of sponsoring first -rate entertainment.· The sponsor controls the placement and content of its commercialsThis sponsorship offers freedom of commercial length to the advertiser.Participation BasisHere different advertisers buy 30 and 60-second length segments in a program. This allows them to spread their budgets and avoid long-term commitments. Though its relatively cheaper then full sponsorship but also has problems such that it lacks flexibility has long lead times and forced adherence to network standards and practices.Spot AnnouncementsThese run in clusters between programs. These are less expensive then participation and more flexible then network advertising because they can be concentrated in specific regions of a country. An advertiser with small budget or limited distribution may use spots to introduce a new product into one area at a time or vary its message for different markets to suit its...

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