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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episode 410 Hush

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In Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 410 “Hush” A group of demon like creatures known as the Gentlemen take over Sunnydale by stealing everyone in the towns voice, and then stealing seven random people’s heart. Leading up to that part Buffy and Willow have started college and Buffy has met a boy name Riley who is a teacher aid in their class. During class Buffy has a dream of a little girl holding a wooden box who is singing a cryptic rhyme about the Gentlemen that says things like “Can’t even shout” and “Can’t say a word.” After class Riley tries to get Buffy to tell him about her dream, but she tells him “I’m not saying a word.” After the episode goes to Xander and his girlfriend Anya who ...view middle of the document...

” (232) In “Hush” the situation at hand is the Gentlemen that invaded their town. Since in this episode known of the characters can talk, everyone has to find their own way of commuting their message. Buffy and her friends use mouthing words and white boards at first to see if anyone knows what has happened, and Buffy wants to patrol the town, while Giles does more research. After Giles figures out information on the Gentlemen he uses a projector to show slides of his finding through pictures he drew. Riley and his friends use note pads to discuss that the loss of voices is throughout the town. While his leader Dr. Walsh types out her message on a computer that then speaks aloud.
In Sharon Ross’s chapter she discuss the importance of female friendship, Buffy and her best friend Willow have been a pair since Buffy moved to Sunnydale in the beginning of their freshman year of high school. “Buffy and Willow encourage each other to push the limits of what it means to be a hero, emphasizing the importance of flexibility,” (231) Buffy always encourages Willow to continue her love for witchcraft, helping her learn spells as well as telling her that she can be better as long as she doesn’t give up. While Willow always has to help Buffy make the right choices with her decision of being the slayer, or with Buffy’s relationship. Even though Willow is the smart one in the group, and enjoys her time helping Buffy make the right choices, and find research about the demons or vampires that she has to fight; sometimes Willow becomes jealous that Buffy always gets the credit. In “Hush” we see Willow “shift from sidekick to hero” (232) after Tara knocks on her dorm room door because she is being chased by the Gentlemen. Willow and Tara run through the school hallways until they find an unlocked door, they hide together in the laundry room. The Gentlemen knock on the door trying to break in, but Willow and Tara come together in harmony” (248) hold hands, and use mind control to...

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