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Bugs For Breakfast Is A Very Interesting Video On The Nature And Habits Of The People And What They Like To Eat

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Sociology 100

October 24, 2005

Reaction Paper 2

Bugs for Breakfast is a very interesting video on the nature and
habits of the people and what they like to eat. It mainly features
why people eat what they eat. This video has a lot to do with culture
affecting the eating factors of what we eat. Culture is defined as
the complex system of meaning and behavior that defines the way of
life for a given group or society. In this case it defines what
people eat. In Bugs for Breakfast, the video explains that everyone
needs to eat no matter what culture that you may live in. In Africa,
Asia and Mexico it is not uncommon to find people that eat
caterpillars, grubs and ants. Rats and mice are commonly eaten in
Asia as well as Mexico. Even snake may be eaten in these cultures.
We may think that it is disgusting, but as the video says, “We eat
chicken embryos and slivers of pig for breakfast.” To me it does
sound disgusting to eat a lot of these different things, but the video
also explains that disgust is a learned response due to culture. The
point of this film it to desensitize us to the norms in our society.
If we were to be raised in Asia we would think no differently about
eating bugs for breakfast than you would eat cheerios with milk. This
is something that our culture has taught us. These are the norms.
Another example would be our love of cheese. Cheese is grass that has
been regurgitated by a cow and then reprocessed and finally becomes
milk. When the milk is transported to the processing plant the cheese
goes through a solidification process. An enzyme from the cow’s
stomach is introduced to the milk and soon enough it begins to
congeal. This then is cut, and the curds and way are then separated.
The curds are finally compacted and pressed to become a solid block of
cheese. To me this sounds disgusting, but my culture has taught me
that this is a very good thing to eat. Another example would be
Portobello mushrooms. This is a type of fungus. Who would think to
eat a type of fungus? It may sound disgusting but it is one of my
favorite side dishes that goes along with steak. Even meat might be
viewed as disgusting in many Asian countries. This is due to the fact
that in these countries not much meat is eaten. Most of these
cultures are mainly vegetarians. You cannot judge these countries on
the fact that you just think that they are weird. That would be
ethnocentrism. This means that you are judging another culture
strictly from the point of view of your own culture and also that you
are thinking that your culture is the right culture. What if that
culture has never seen a T-bone steak? You might feel pretty dumb if
you called them weird.

In Bugs for Breakfast it talks about how many ethnic foods were only

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