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BUILD A MORE POWERFUL MEMORY The Two Basic Steps in Remembering The first step: Effective studying and remembering require, first, that you organize the material to be learned. Organization means preparing study notes made up of headings and subheadings, definitions and examples, enumerations, and other important points. The very process of organizing material and condensing it to the main points will help you understand and remember it.The second step: After you have organized your subject material ,memorize it through repeated self-testing. Look at the first item in your notes; then look away and try to repeat it to yourself. When you can, look at the next item; then look away and try to repeat it . When you can repeat the second item, go back without looking at your notes and try to repeat both the first and second items. This constant review is at the heart of self-testing. After you can repeat the first two items without looking at your notes, go on the third item. When you learn it, try to repeat all three items without looking at your paper. After you learn each new item, go back and test yourself on all the previous items you have studied SIX AIDS TO MEMORIZATION 1. Intend to remember: The first aid to remember is intending to remember. The bit of advice appears to be so obvious that many people overlook its value. But if you have made the decision to remember sth, and you then work at mastering it, you will remember it. Anyone can have a bear-trap memory by working at it; no one is born with a naturally poor memory.2. Overlearn: Overlearning is a second memory aid . If you study a subject beyond the time needed for perfect recall, you will increase the length of time that you will remember it. The method of repeated self-testing uses the principle of overlearning; you can also apply the principle by going over several times a lesson you have already learned perfectly.3.Space memory work : Spacing memory work over several sessions, rather than a single long one , is the third aid. Just as with physical exercise, five two-hour sessions spaced over several...

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