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If the plane that I was on crashed onto an island and there was no way to get off this island, than we would have to try and create a civil society and coexist with each other and avoid slipping into a state of nature. The way that I would avoid slipping into a state of nature is to set up some sort of government. The reason I would set up a government in a democratic manner is because if you had a monarch then people are more likely to rebel. If you had an even spread of power over the people where they have some say in what everyone does then they are more likely to agree with you and be more willing to follow you. If the people choose their own leader and if they are bad leaders then the people of the island will be able to repeal them and replace them with someone else who they think would be a better leader. However They should go through a council which will be represented by the people they had chosen to be in power and make up their democratic government. This council will see to it that the people are heard and they will list out why this person should or shouldn’t stay in the council. The citizen will be able to vote every year for different people in the government, the reason this is going to happen is because it is a new society and different people have different ideas. Have people with different ideas in government will help improve the community and how it is run. The government will maintain power by knowing what everyone is doing and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be. For example they will all be assigned jobs for what they are skilled at to help out the community. If someone committed a crime then there will be consequences, these consequences will very depending on what the crime is and how bad of a crime they had committed. For example food rations would be smaller portions to someone who commits a crime that does not hurt anyone else. This will ensure that they are hungry and will make them not want to go without a lot of food so they will not commit that crime again. If they are repeat offenders they will have smaller food rations and community service while under a watchful eye. The citizens are not allowed to rebel under any circumstance except if their rights are violated by being harmed by the government. If there is a rebellion they are not allowed to kill anyone, the rebellion should consist of a strike and or not doing what they government wants them to by separating themselves from them. There is a lot more of them then the people in charge. If the people of the island had already come to the government and wanted a change or at least acknowledge a change in how they are running thing they are allowed to rebel in this way. They can create their own society in a different part of the island. There is never a need for war, and we must under every circumstance work together. Understanding that there is not such thing as a utopia there will always be some sort of fighting with in the community....

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