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Building An Effective Technology Support Team

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In order to run a business, one must want to satisfy the customer or even ones own staff. A company's support team may want to be able to cater to every need a customer may come to the company with. The support team would want to work through any problems with quickness and thoroughly. Technical support teams are what consumers come into contact with daily. Support teams are how the company is represented in the public eye. Companies depend on these teams to help the consumer with any problems that the product that was bought can be figured out or to assist with defects or any other issues that come about. Factors in building an effective technical support team may involve people with customer-based personalities, knowledge of product or service, and the company's values and ethics. These factors are important in order to appease all types of issues that a company faces on a day-to-day basis.As everyone knows, people have all sorts of personalities and at times these personalities may clash. In customer service or a support team one would be able to control his or her personality and be able to adapt to the individual who they may be helping. Just from personal knowledge, I know most people that take in calls or some type of person-to-person contact take some brutal abuse. A person in that position must be able to deal with the situation and still maintain their composure. This reflects how the company and the individual themselves were trained and how he or she deal with even his or her own in issues everyday. When personnel that can handle any situation or issue at hand with out becoming under stress themselves, it also helps form a stronger bond among coworkers. Problems can be worked out through individuals and rarely having to go to upper management to resolve. Personalities and attitudes can go a long way in technical support. Personality and knowledge can be even better.Have you ever called about an issue with a product or service and the person on the receiving end does not have a clue to as what you are speaking of? This also reflects how the company cares about there customers. If the company has not even taken out the time to give an employee adequate training to be able to help his or her customer, then maybe the product is not that good or even the employees could care less. Knowledge of a product or service is vital in the support area. With some know how, any service representative can guide someone to the resolution of his or her problem. The person with the problem can get aggravated when you have to constantly transfer then to another representative or department. Some consideration may be given if there was some organization, such as having different levels of expertise. For example, the first level could be for the frequently asked questions and the higher levels of the support team are for the more varied difficult questions (Help Desk, 2006). Depending on the company and its needs, would determine on how many different...

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