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Building A Positve Self Esteem Essay

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Every person on planet Earth has something in common:self esteem. As stated in text 2, self esteem is all about how much a teen feel they are worth. In today's society, many teens have a fragile self-esteem, either a low or high one. Having low self esteem can make kids struggle academically and in life. With low self appreciation, young people can fall in deep depressions and as a result start gaining weight. Overweight then leads into another problem known as child obesity, which is becoming more common national wide.This is why the website "Building Positive Self Image" is determined to fight against negative body image and low self-esteem. Self esteem is not a whole pizza, it is made ...view middle of the document...

Most importantly though, teens should always a have a positive, optimistic attitude. A great attitude allows a kid to feel motivated and to never give up as well making them feel strong within. As a result, teens have a positive self esteem. Many factors can allow students to have a sportive self esteem.

Moving on, teens have many self esteem issues, yet the problems between boys and girls are different.Boys and girls both tend to look at themselves in the mirrors because they care about their appearance. Both genders worry about their body image, but unlike girls, boys don't really talk about the development of their bodies to close people. According to " Without the support from friends and family, they may develop a negative self image. Teenagers boys with self esteem issues would exercise for muscle mass because they prefer a by body rather than a scrawny hand. On the other hand, girls with problems would choose to avoid daily activities. Boys most of the time take supplements or proteins to get bigger, yet girls just engage in negative activities. There many differences between the self esteem issues, however, according to the charts in the text 4, a common self esteem issues in girls is that they let themselves down while the boys do whatever they can to increase fix their issues, such as taking steroids. One thing is true, both genders tend to feel depressed as a result of their issues.

Not all is dark about self esteem. Obtaining a high self esteem truly benefits a kid's success in life. As it was reported in, "people with higher self esteem do better in school" This is very important because it allows students to reach university and then graduate with a degree. In life, without an education, not many windows are open to success. Teenagers also benefit by having better relationships with adults and making friends easier. Friends are key in life because they motivate students, give them joy, prevent social isolation. Relationships lets students develop essential skills such as fluent talking, handling pressure, and controlling emotions. Most importantly, juveniles can deal with "mistakes,...

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