Building A Simple Motor Puts A New Spin On Magnets

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You can build a simple motor with magnet, wire, jumbo paper clips, sandpaper, neodymium magnets, and a compass. There are motors all over the place in your house. You use electric motors in your everyday life. When you connect the wires and connect it completes the current and makes the motor start. The copper wire will start to spin when the current is completed. I am build a simple motor and see if it spins slower or faster with bigger and smaller batteries I think it will spin faster with bigger batteries.
The electricity from the positive and negative end of the battery and flows through the wire and makes the wire spin but you need to have the magnet for the wire to spin. You can change the way the wire spins but flipping the magnet over. The motor uses the attracting and repelling forces to make the wire spin. If you use stronger magnets the force will be greater. If you coil the wire more the magnetic field will get larger. But you cannot put to many coils in it or it will become too heavy. If you have wire with a coating you will have to scrap it off for it to work. If you put the support braces to far apart that can also become a problem. You can predict what way the wire or motor is going to spin.
The electromagnet must spin in full circles for it to work right. The force of the magnet will make the wire flip back and forth when the electricity is going through the wire. The energy flows for the negative end of the battery to the positive. It has to be a closed circuit for the motor to work. You also need to have a good connection to the battery for it to work right and the motor can stop working because of the bad connection. You need to make sure that the contact area on the battery with the wire is not too small. If the wires are not connected good it will run for a little bit and then you will have to adjust it.
The best tape to use is electrical tape do not use masking tape because it will not work well. This motor will be a direct current motor because it is a direct current and that is what most of the electric motors...

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