Building A Solid Marriage And Family

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When you buy a book about marriage, where do you expect the author to begin? What is the first topic you want to read about? Something on Love, Communication, Anger, Cheating or Sex? All of these are essential topics because all of us are affected by these issues. The problem with these topics is that they are not starting points. These are the things we do, but they are not who we are. If your goal is to build a solid marriage and family, which I hope it is, then the best thing we can do is to begin at the starting point, the foundation of life, marriage, and family. If you are having marriage problems, the first place you want to begin resolving those problems is upright before you go ...view middle of the document...

I’m going to list them for you. They are very simple and in four sequential steps. Each one building upon the next one:

1.2 What Defines Your Life, Marriage and Family?

This is the right place to begin. According to the Word of God from Matthew (7:24-27), a simple question to get out of your comfort zone is this: on what do you want your life, marriage, and family to be built? For me, this is a life-changing and life-path question.

Remember, the way you answer this question will determine everything else which follows in your marriage. Your answer will determine the course of your life. If you are married and have not had a discussion with your spouse about what you want to build your marriage and family upon, then may I suggest you do so soon before the structure collapses.

If you are about to get married, then you are in a great place and have a wonderful opportunity to discuss the most important thing you could. Think about discussing these things with the person you are about to enter into a covenant. Married or not, this could be one of the most important conversations you will ever have. Every marriage should have an agreed foundation. So many marriages are failing because of lack of this exercise. Once you establish your foundation, you can begin developing your plan for practically executing how you want your marriage and family to look like.

1.3 Characteristics of Your Life, Marriage, and Family?

Is it your responsibility, your family name, what you do, your ability, your money, your education, your social standing, your Facebook friends, your dress code?

1.4 Christ is the Cornerstone for Life

I love the response from the Apostle Paul to this question. He gave us a brief answer. Jesus Christ is the cornerstone upon which we are to build our lives. So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord.

In Him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit, Ephesians (2:19-22) (ESV). Jesus Christ, who is the Gospel, is the Person upon which our lives, marriages, and families are constructed. He is the foundation or, as Paul said, He is the cornerstone in whom the whole structure grows. Should somebody ask you the question what defines your life, marriage or family, you can succinctly respond by saying your life, marriage, and family is built upon nothing less than the Gospel, the Person and work of Christ.

1.5 I am Buildind my Life Upon Christ

If you ask why I am building my life on Christ, I can respond by saying I am a Christian. The word Christian means a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. This is who I am and this is what I do. If you have been born from above, then you, too, are a follower of...

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