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Building An Induction Motor Essay

2561 words - 11 pages

Table of Contents
I. Introduction 2
II. Construction of the Machine 2
1) The Stator 2
a. The steel frame: 2
b. The core: 2
c. Stator windings (conducting wires): 3
2) The Rotor 3
i. Squirrel Cage Type: 3
ii. Wound Rotor or Slip Ring: 3
3) Other Components for Construction: 4
1. The Shaft: 4
2. Bearings (End Rings): 4
3. Fan: 4
4. Terminal Box: 4
5. Two End Bells: 4
III. The Different Sizes of the Induction Motor 5
IV. Starting Methods 5
V. Speed Control 6
VI. Applications of three-phase induction motor 7
VII. Conculosion 8
References 9

Searching for the best is a non-stoppable process, where the best is defined according to the desired application, but there are some common concerns to be considered as the best, such as, the good performance with suitable cost for example. Three phases induction motor is widely applied in different machines on the industrial field for it is low cost, simple design and more to be discovered in this research. To produce this motor two different selections were taken, firstly, that it is three phases, according to Brain in 2000, the sinusoidal wave curves of the three phases happens to have a curve of the three that is reaching its peak current in any moment counter to a two phase power for example (Brain, 2000). Secondly, that is by induction, induction motors requires no separate sources to start the motor and can maintain different levels of speeds. In the huge motors world, each type of motors has its own way of construction, starting method, different sizes and power output and how the speed can be controlled in addition to the applications that are applicable for each type of these motors.
Construction of the Machine
The outer shape of any produced or natural item can be recognized by any spectator, while the inner design and components needs studies to understand them. Here, the outer surface of the induction motor is a part that is called stator from the word stationery because it is the component that supports the core of it and the winding magnetic field (Construction of Three Phase Induction Motor, n.d.).
- To construct an induction motor, this is an exploded view of its components;
The Stator
As it mentioned above, its main function is to protect the core and it is consist of:
The steel frame:
It is responsible for supporting the whole stator core and the induced field, it made of either die cast or fabricated steel (Construction of Three Phase Induction Motor, n.d.). While its outer surface is consist of cooling fins in order to increase the amount of dissipated heat area without affecting the overall diameter of the frame (Education, 2014) (See Fig.1).
The core:
Since it is an induction motor, it obviously means that it will contain an alternating magnetic flux, hence the main purpose of the core is to curry this field. The core is consist of many thin -about 0.4 to 0.5 mm thick- stamping (Construction of Three Phase Induction Motor, n.d.) that are laminated and...

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