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Building And Construction Authority: Cemex And Sustainable Construction

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CEMEX is a global building materials company. The company produces and sells cement, ready-mix concrete. At CEMEX, building materials are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide [1].
It was founded innorthern Mexico in 1906 by opening the first cement plant whereby the world headquarters is also located in the city of San Pedro Garza Garcia. Within forty years, CEMEX could increase its production of cement to about 124,000 tons daily[2]. By 1989, CEMEX has become the top 10 cement producers in the world. Today, it is a global leader in the building materials industry.
1.2 Company Profile [1]
Operates in more than 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
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Increase the use of alternative fuels rather than fossil fuels such as municipal and commercial waste; tires and biomass.
More energy efficient operations.
A new Carbon strategy resulted in a reduce of carbon emissions , CO2, by 21% per ton of cement. 7,000,000 tons of CO2 avoided every year which is equivalent to 1,200,000 vehicles.
Use renewable sources to produce energy like wind farm in Mexico which produces 25% of required electrical power. That is equivalent to powering a city or a half million people.
Creating successful restorations on mining sites
Mass Housing
With the rapid increase of urban population demand on housing will grow immensely especially in emerging economies. Therefore, CEMEX has positioned itself to be a major player in providing ‘industrialized’ mass housing. This would help meet the demand as well as provide housing solutions to disaster stricken zones. Some of the benefits of using industrialized building systems approach are:
Reduction in construction time
Reduction in labor costs
Increase in quality
Safer work environment

2.1 Social Programs
During the economic crisis in Mexico in 1994 and 1995, CEMEX noticed a 50 % decrease in it revenues. However, construction of low-income homes had only reduced by 10%.^[4] CEMEX realized there was a great business opportunity in these untapped market. It therefore started initiatives which seemed unconventional for companies such as CEMEX. The plan was to provide credit to low income people making it possible for them to own homes. Some of the social programs initiated by CEMEX are Patrimonio Hoy and ConstruApoyo.

Patrimonio Hoy provides low-income families living in urban and semi-urban areas with access to building materials such as cement, concrete blocks, and steel[8]. Through the program CEMEX offers credit to consumers to purchase building materials as well as providing technical assistance through their engineers and architects. CEMEX works with local distributors and masons so as to have more control in the industry. By providing this wide range of services it could be argued that CEMEX is trying to create a monopoly in the building materials industry. However, it should be noted that what CEMEX has done is provide another option for potential low income home owners who have otherwise been neglected by the main stream financial institutions. Some of the benefits of such a program are listed below.
Provide credit to low income earners
Make owning a home possibility for them
Good quality housing
Create jobs for the local economy

CEMEX has also provided similar programs in conjunction with the government to provide housing and other infrastructures to areas affected by disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Those social programs gathered a lot of families to rebuild their houses within a short period of time and providing stability to the regions. ConstruApoyo was one of these social programs. It was started by CEMEX in 1995 to help the...

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