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Building And Construction Regulations Essay

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Building Regulations
Part A: Structural Safety
Buildings have to be designed, constructed and redesigned in such a way so that they can be structurally safe and solidly built. They should not weaken or damage the structural stability of other buildings. It sets design standards that need to be taken under consideration when constructing buildings. In addition, it provides basic design rules for traditional domestic buildings in terms of masonry and timber elements.
Part B: Fire Safety
This part contains fire precautionary measures that are required to give safety from fire in terms of inhabitants and fire fighters. Essential standards and guidelines are stated in various aspects of escape route during a fire; fire detection and warning systems; structural elements that are resistant to fire; fire separation, safety, compartmentation and isolation to avoid the disperse of fire and conflagration; control of flammable materials; and the means of ...view middle of the document...

In 2003, sound insulation testing was introduced.
Part F: Ventilation
All types of buildings, domestic and commercial need to have adequate ventilation.
Part G: Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency
This part includes subjects such as cold-water services, water efficiency and food preparation areas. A target efficiency of 125 litres per person a day must be met in all new dwellings. For a completion certificate to be issued, the calculation must be handed to the Building Control Body.
Part H: Drainage and waste disposal
This sets out how foul and surface water drainage is disposed from buildings by means of sewers, or sewerage treatment plants and the storing of solid waste.
Part J: Heat producing appliances
This covers the construction, the fitting, and the utilization of chimneys, boilers, flues, fuel storage insulation, and hearths. The strict restrictions on fire sources, burning, poisoning from carbon monoxide, and pollution.
Part K: Protection from falling
This includes measures for the secureness of stairways, ramps and ladders along with the specifications for balustrades, windows, and vehicle barriers to stop from falling. The guarding and warning of hazards of the functions and locations of doors and windows are given certain requirements.
Part L: Conservation of fuel and power
It is a must to make an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). A carbon emission rating needs to be measured before and after the building is constructed.
Part M: Access to and Use of Buildings
Buildings should be easily accessible and be capable of circulation for all. This also includes standards for facilities for disabled people.
Part N: Glazing Safety
This deals with requirements of safety glazing to avoid impact hazard and for the understanding of glazed areas. Safety requirements related with work, performance and cleaning of windows are also dealt with in this part of the regulations.
Part P: Electrical Safety
This was introduced in 2006, which makes it the newest part of the regulations. This deals with the safe setting-up of electrical installations in new buildings, rewiring and, mending and changing to electrical circuits in existing buildings.

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