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Building And Maintaining A High Level Of Education

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There are two kids, both best friends. One of the friends, Dan, always does his homework and gets A’s on pretty much all of his tests and other assignments. The other friend, Fred, usually forgets that he was assigned homework and sleeps through most of his classes, getting C’s on most of his tests and assignments. They each live in a four person household, each having a ordinary mom, dad, and a sibling. Dan has a close relationship with a few of his favorite teachers and Fred could not care less about conversing with his teachers. Both boys grew up in similar circumstances and have been friends for as long as they can remember, but the boys each have different motivators and values in the effort they put into their education and future schooling. Fred’s parents work most of the time, leaving early in the morning and returning home close to supper time. Fred does not get much attention or motivation to work hard at school. Although his parents attended college, they do not take much time to show and explain the value and importance-- other than just for money-- for their son to take getting his education as a serious thing. He is not likely to know what he wants for his future.
On the other hand, Dan’s parents, who only earned their GED’s, stress to their son how important it is for him to strive to further education. They motivate him to do his best and from watching his parents work harder than most other college graduates. He creates close bonds with his teachers who, too, motivate him to go beyond what is being learned in class and help get him ready for college. He knows what he wants for his future because of the value his family has for education.
In a lot of ways, many young kids and adults are either supported and influenced by their parents value of education and some are not. For example, My parents are very supportive of my sister and I in working towards a degree because both did not receive college degrees themselves. They stress that getting a college degree is important because then we (my sister and I) will not have to work as hard like they do every day now. My dad wonders if he will get calls for his glass business, if his month will bring more money than he spends. The value that people place on getting an education matters to whether a student will strive to do better and work harder for what they want or they slack off because they were never taught how much motivation they should put into their studies. The 1999 movie October Sky depicts how important it is to have a high value on education and support in gaining an education. October Sky is based on the book, the Rocket Boys, and the real life story of Homer Hickam he was about 17 years old in 1957. Hickam lived in a small mining town and was expected by most his friends and his father to be a miner, but with the help of his teacher, Miss Riley, his mom, his friends, and a few townspeople, he and his friends end up successfully winning the national science fair and...

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