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Building And Maintaining A Putting Green

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There are many steps involved in building and maintaining a putting green. The first step that the Superintendent and Golf Professional staff needs to understand is that research and studying their options is the most important part to building a successful golf course and putting green. Without research for the grass and soil, diseases would run rampant, courses would be using dated technology, the grass would not be as easy to maintain, and costumer satisfaction would decrease causing a decrease in revenue. The facility could even choose the wrong grass if they didn’t pay close attention to their soil quality, known local diseases, and temperature zone. The facility needs to research which method of green they would like to build and how much it is going to cost. For example a lower end municipal course might chose to make push-up green which doesn’t guarantee the longevity of the grasses survival, but it is within their budget and suits their needs just fine. A five star resort will want to build a USGA green that costs more, but certifies the survival of the greens. A facility will be aware of the amount of research needed to build a green from scratch but once they build the green, research will still need to be taking place in order to help the greens survive. Research needs to be continuously taking place in order to provide the cheapest, safest, and best quality playing surfaces. People pay for the visual and performance quality of the grass, the turf and golf staff need to be constantly ask how can we improve the conditions in order to provide the ideal image that the player is expecting. Research consists of the daily practices all the way to conducting a funded study on different cultivars or the watering needs of the facility. The golf and turf staffs need to not only communicate but also let the projects and goals bring them together in order to run a healthy facility.

Building a new set of green can be very expensive, but it is important you invest in your golf course now rather than have to renovate it three or four years down the line. The cost of green construction varies tremendously based on your areas fees for rootzone mix, machine rental, architect, and ultimately the quality you chose to make your greens. To build nineteen greens will typically require 7000 tons of rootzone mix; the cost could be as low as fifteen dollars per ton or as high as forty-five dollars per ton, depending on trucking fees, and availability of sand. There is a new promising trend that using inorganic material in the rootzone mixture as a substitute for sand and peat mixtures will be better for the grass. This will cost the facility much more, assuming the twelve inch deep rootzone mix will be composed of 85% sand and 15% peat, moss or other inorganic materials, the cost would be around 32,000 dollars versus building a green with inorganic amendments would easily exceed 200,000 dollars. There is insufficient research of the long term impacts of...

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