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Building Bridges Essay

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BUCKNELL UNIVERSITYBuilding Bridges - Interacting with local, regional, and global communities; bringing the world to Bucknell and Bucknell to the world you described in the Required Essay some of the ways you would contribute to the residential learning experience at Bucknell.If you join the Bucknell community, how will you contribute to that goal? How will you measure your success? Feel free to be wildly creative in your answer. (250 words or less)My heart was filled with trepidation and fear of the unknown as I bid farewell to our school in Calcutta-La Martiniere for Boys. It was an ancient institution with its roots deeply sown in the realm of education.As my parents had always instilled in me the ability to see the positive side to any given situation, I walked with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart onto the threshold of my current alma mater-The Shri Ram School-Aravali.The latter was a total contrast to my earlier school, given its modern architecture and an ambience totally in sync with our new hometown-The Millennium city of Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi.From day one, I realized I wanted to have experiences in an educational institution which were an amalgamation of the best of the old traditional thoughts with the new age philosophy of modern education. I embarked on my new journey in grade six with a need to mobilize things faster.As I was a keen swimmer, I started pushing for swimming to come into the manifold activities of the school and also in the neighbourhood club. My efforts culminated into the formation of a swimming team and we soon started participating in inter school activities.Furthermore, my mother who had been a voluntary parent worker in the school in Calcutta for eight years suddenly felt bereft of a participatory role in her children's school endeavours. She jumped at the opportunity in being a member of the PSA and went into it wholeheartedly. She moved from a class representative to a form representative and finally the Joint Secretary of the senior school wing of the Parent School Association (PSA). She was successful in mobilizing the parent body to bring to the school, some events which became calendar events for the school. These were the15th August Independence Day celebrations complete with flag hoisting, national anthem, kite flying and food stalls.Secondly was the Chillax Evening which kept in mind the ethos of the younger generation. As one would have it, the senior most students before their final examinations, let loose their hair in a memorable evening filled with music and dance.Lastly Christmas Day Celebrations too were held with a lot of fanfare and were a huge neighbourhood draw. It was complete with buntings, carol singers from the church, Santa swooping down from a neighbouring...

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