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Building Community In Universities Essay

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Universities are becoming extremely active in encouraging community in their university and persuading students to become a part of the whole to get the most out of their college experience. This is shown through encouragement to be involved in numerous groups, dorm bonding activities, Greek life, and numerous other organizations offered in all universities.
Building community in your first year of college is viewed and essential to both students and the university according to Katherine
Nevins, Ph.D. “Belonging
whole, and
shared ownership of that whole” (Nevins). She is explaining that once students develop a sense of belonging in the university or even in just an organization, they feel ownership of their new found identity and friendships which makes the community as a whole stronger with every new student. “Community building owes allegiance to such well researched pedagogical approaches as collaborative learning cooperative learning
and structured learning communities”(Nevins). She explains through this that community is as much an activity as it is a science. Extended research has developed the system we now predominately known as the common community building strategies prevalent in universities worldwide.
One of the popular focuses of community in college is joining sororities and fraternities or more well-known as Greek life. “I think it builds friendships and bonds that can go beyond college life” (Estrella). The sense of bonding and community in these groups goes beyond mere surface bonding or weekend hangouts, they’re like family to each other creating one of the strongest sense of community on campus. “It can be strength for someone who does not know how to be involved with others” (Estrella). This portrays that these organizations give unsure students who are trying to discover themselves and trying to figure out how to become a part of something greater are joining these organizations and having great success is their pursuits. The Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri recently conducted a two-year research study which stated, “College graduates who belong to a sorority or fraternity tend to be more financially successful than other college graduates” (Research). This is proof that a sense of community and groups that thrive to do greater things for the whole have a positive effect not only on the individual and their future, but in the community and world as a whole.
The vast array of organizations and clubs available to students make it possible to be involved in almost any interest they wish to pursue. By joining these groups, they not only develop close relationships with their fellow students, but overall have a better college experience than their uninvolved counterparts. “Educational researchers tell us that students tend to do much better in college when they have high levels of engagement, meaning they take an active role in their overall...

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