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Building Communtiy Through Isolation Essay

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Building Community Through Isolation Being alone is not always good for a person. They build longings toward being with others who will share their hopes and dreams. The film, "The Secret Garden" is an example of this. In this film, characters and places were isolated from the rest, this was an assurance that a community was soon to rise up. Spoiled, Mary Lennox, was constantly isolated from her family, as was sickly Colin Craven and a dried up, dead garden that was hidden. Through this obstacle of isolation a community was built. Always hidden from view and kept from the outside world, was Colin Craven. A child who had spent his whole life without a mother, and abandoned. His father Lord Archibald Craven, seldom visited as Colin reminded him of his lost wife. Colin was sickly from birth. His whole life had been spent pining away, sick, on a bed. This boy was spoiled rotten to the core, yet somehow he managed to warm up to a young girl who was his cousin. Her name was Mary Lennox. She spent days with him and "Pried out . . . a kinder lord," who had hidden. This proved to be true as Colin really was a kind child though he never realized he had the potential to be caring. Through Colin's strict isolation, he had been pampered, and someone was always there to look after his every whim. He was pampered so much that he never learned how to achieve the jovial task of walking. Being bedridden his whole life, and told he was sick daily made Colin afraid of leaving the company of his warm bed. Through Mary's persistence, Colin stopped being mean and started to believe that he had something to live for after all. The object of his happiness, was to walk in a garden that belonged to his mother, whom he had never seen. Colin was drawn into a community that was formed in a secret garden, while his community itself was a secret through the film. This community helped him to find out that he was a boy who could run and play if only he tried, and try he did. From a bedridden, spoiled brat, Colin had changed to a happy walking boy, without a care in the world. He had learned that his isolation earlier, only made him aggressive, and uncaring, when through his new found friendship, he learned to be kind. Change is a good thing that most of the time, which leads to happiness. A lonely garden stood on the grounds of Mistlewaith Manor. Alone, and untended it had grown wild. The door to the garden was locked and it's only visitor was a small robin. This garden had belonged to someone at one point of its existence, now, it was desolate and alone. A small girl found the key to it one day and followed the small robin. After years of solitude, the door to the secret garden was opened and a girl named Mary took it for her own. She inquired to her uncle for "The rich earth . . . was asked for," the earth of the garden. Through this she owned the secret garden, and could show it to others. She spread the secret to two others; Dicken,...

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