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Building Leadership Capacity In Schools Essay

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Building Leadership Capacity in Schools by Linda Lambert touched on a number of key ideas. Lambert provided examples from different schools, principals, and her experiences on obtaining and sustaining leadership capacity while developing her character. Lambert points out that to build leadership capacity in schools there should be participation by parents, students, and staff. Also these are the same characteristic as to becoming a great character in society. In this paper I will talk about the staff and there level of participation. Lambert points out that conversation with individuals about their roles as a leader should take place as individuals take on the task of leadership and character development. One key element in the text was the level of participation and degree of skillfulness for leadership capacity while trying to discover your character. Another element in the text that I found key was to break the dependency relationships on staff and the principal. As we work toward building leadership capacity and charcter, it will take time and time is a big factor on building leadership capacity because there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done that we would like to do without strategically planning leadership meetings.
Level of Participation
In building leadership capacity it is important to ensure that there is broad-based skillful participation. We want the students, parents, community, and staff to be participants. This is important because it allows for staff to take responsibility for the growth and development for not only themselves but for their peers in doing the work of leadership. It is helpful to have the community working together towards the common goal as opposed to sitting out on the sidelines. Everyone has something to offer. When everyone works together to be skillful leaders and participates then it leads to improvements in the school as a whole. When everyone is participating it allows them to feel as they are making a contribution to the school and truly helping in build leadership capacity in the school. The principal needs to take the time to speak with individuals about their role as a leader, as well as model, coach, teach, support, and encourage the leaders. Typically the time when staff are able to truly participate is during the staff meetings. I am not one who likes to be in a meeting just to say that a meeting was held. I enjoy the meetings more when they are meaningful, productive, there is growth and development, or there is the “ah ha” moment. I believe that staff meetings are an area that could be improved upon at the building level. The staff meetings should be planned out as if a teacher were planning a lesson. I can recall occasions where the building administrator asked me to put together an agenda at 2:45 when the meeting was to start at 3:15. I’m not saying that there is something totally wrong with that, but I have to think about was there...

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