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Building New Brands- Executive SummaryBuilding New Brands- Executive SummaryBuilding a new brand takes much effort. Creating a marketing message that grabs the public's attention can be a challenging task. It takes several groups to make this possible. McDonald's is a great example of marketing done right. They have become a high-visibility brand over the years with their continued success. Consultants help in building a brand and making it successful like McDonald's.The Role of PRThere are several groups that participate in the advertising of the marketing message for an organization. The advertising agency, media organization, specialized marketing communications services, and collateral ...view middle of the document...

The PR firm will do research on the competitors in the market as well as review consumer surveys and reports in order to identify the best price, placement, and promotion for the product.High Visibility BrandsHigh visibility brands become well known off their marketing, and the reputation of their product. Companies like McDonalds have had years of success on their local and global branding. Their most distinctive image is their logo, the golden arches. Everyone recognizes the golden double arches that have become the symbol synonymous to the brand. It is the systems that have been put in place that made McDonalds enable to sell more than a hundred million burgers. The systems are implemented in every McDonalds store to ensure that it maintains the quality of service and standards expected of them. They also abide by a simple mission and vision to provide 'Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value, to each person who walks into their doors every day.McDonalds has spent a huge amount of money and allotted lots of hours just to develop it making sure that it will benefit the business. It was a worthwhile investment because McDonalds has achieved to become a brand recognized all over the world. Another thing that helped McDonalds achieve its success today is the ability to adapt to market conditions. They are able to react based on the demands of the consumers. They are able to provide what the customers want and that is the most important factor of all because without the consumers, they will not succeed. Systems, people and ability to give what the customers want are the reasons why McDonalds is as successful as it is today.Marketing CommunicationsThere are a number of ways that a consultant can use to promote any corporation's new brand, services, products etc. The choice one would depend on a variety of decision making factors such as cost, the target market, timescale, defining the market niche, penetration strategy, etc. Some of the key mediums used to reach a wider audience include promotions through mass media, such as newspaper, television, radio, cinema, and internet. Mass advertising is undertaken to get to large numbers, usually with a product /...

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