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Have you ever lost trust in others? If you say "No", you are a really happy people. I say "Yes". I used to be very depressed when I discovered the fact that I was tricked by a friend who I loved and esteemed very much. I was wounded. Everything around me seemed to turn to grey, the joy had gone as well. I did not know what I could do but cry for anger. After that injury I learned the way to stand up by building myself trust. Building trust by thinking positively and giving trust do me a good ...view middle of the document...

Thinking positively help me overcome sadness effectively. I tell me that there is nothing too serious, "as a door close, another one will open". Moreover, living in negative thoughts is really profitless. It will just kill myself and my hope. When a friend hurts me, I will talk to myself that I am very lucky because I soon learn how bad she is, in order to keep away from her. She's at a disadvantage as she does not have a good friend as me.One of my friends told me that it was very miserable when he could not trust anyone. Always making doubt led him to loneliness for a long time. That made him want to be crazy. He advised me: "giving your trust, it will turn back to you". Everything has its two sides, you want to receive, you have to give in advance. I give trust by keeping a promise if I make it and being frank with myself. Noone wants to be cheated and keeping promise show that you are trustworthy as well as you respect others. Being frank with my self is order to be frank with others. Not everybody wants to hear sweet words. There are many people want to know the real how they are. Though it is difficult to hear but they still want so as long as they are sincere comments.In summary, building trust bu positive thoughts and giving trust may be essential to gain a easeful spirit. From there I can make a good life with healthy relationships, full of trust.

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