Building User Confidence With User Experience Design

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Increasing user confidence online is a constant challenge of website owners and entrepreneurs. With the widespread scams and frauds online, creating an environment where users feel comfortable interacting, using, and buying from a website is essential. User Experience (UX) design is essential to building user confidence.

Make it Easy

Website owners have less time than ever to impress and entice potential customers to learn more about their site. While some insist that tech savvy users require different interfaces than casual Internet users, a frustrating design is still a frustrating design. Users of every technical ability want a system that works smoothly and seamlessly.

Creating a site that is intuitive for new users but complex enough to engage experienced users is a difficult tightrope to walk. Sites like Facebook are textbook examples of how a user friendly website can become unfriendly and unresponsive to new users through continual updates. What was once a very easy to navigate site now is covered in strange icons and nearly impossible to navigate paths to gather information. On the other hand, sites like Reddit and Gmail have continually worked to gather new users while increasing the usability and utility of the site for experienced users. Users want to feel engaged and confident in site navigation.

Using UX to build user confidence doesn't just encourage users to become frequent visitors and customers of the interface but also gives them the confidence to recommend the system to others. Regardless of the features, a difficult to use site will never be the go to recommendation for anyone other than hardcore users. Use UX design to ensure both seasoned and new users feel comfortable in their ability to gather information and use the site properly.

Provide Clear Information

Internet users are warier than ever about disclosing personal information and data. With widespread data breaches in personal email accounts all the way to state governments, being transparent with user information and accessability to that information is imperative for building user trust.

Providing an easy to find disclosure policy on a site's website provides users with a degree of trust. Rather than digging through fine print or scouring the site's policies, this transparency and openness with the distribution (or lack thereof) of data contributes to user confidence in the developer and site. Sites like Zappos even go so far as to disclose their privacy policy and safeguards against consumer identity theft on a separate "Shop with Confidence" page to assure customers of their online safety before putting a single item in their carts.

Prioritize User Testing

It's said that the closer you are to a project, the harder it is to view it objectively. UX is no different. User confidence is...

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