Buisness Plan: Truckin Around Essay

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1.0 Executive summary

1.1 Description

Our business hires out vehicles to people for a short or long period of time depending on their circumstances. Our goal is to have qualified drivers for each vehicle and also have a large variety of vehicles for our customers from road trains, crane trucks, tippers and moving trucks. You can come to us or we can deliver the trucks to you. Our target is to have Every Truck for Every Occasion.

1.2 Objectives

The objectives Truckin around will achieve in the next three years:
• The construction of a unique, upmarket hiring place with friendly people and excellent service.
• To create a reputation for the name and service provided by ‘Truckin around’.
• To create unique advertisement for the company to create customers.
• Expand and make revenue

2.0 Business Profile

2.1 Major products and services

“Truckin around” will provide it’s customer with access to heavy machinery without any hassle. We will welcome customers with a friendly greeting. Any of our friendly staff can help if use have any problems with anything then hopefully we can expand our business.

• Heavy Rigid Vehicles, Supply heavy vehicle trucks
o tip trucks,
o road train trucks,
o crane trucks
o moving trucks

3.0 Marketing Plan:

3.0 – Market Analysis

Our primary target market will be local business and people within the local community in need of hiring equipment to moving, renovate, excavate etc. Our business will market a simple and easy to understand way of doing things

By doing research bout this area I have found the primary market by using multiple use trucks, other companies in need of trucks will use truck hiring company’s on an irregular basis.

Truckin Around provides a diverse line of trucks and delivers customer service excellence across all areas. We provide a service which works on strong rapports with our customers, which triggers repeat service.

3.1 –Competitors
Other truck hire businesses are:
• Kennards Hire Truck and Car Rental
They hire: Furniture vans, hiab crane, tabletop and tip trucks, vans, crewcabs and Utes.
Kennards Truck Renal has mid-week rates available on 3 tonne vans. Competitive long term rates for all vehicles. Moving aids available including tailgate loaders. Hand trolleys, piano dollies, lifting straps and furniture pads.
• Budget Truck Rentals
They hire: Trays, vans and Tautliners up to 12 tonne, prime movers, refrigerated vans, 4wd, moving trucks and also Utes you can drive with a car licence.
Moving accessories available including boxers, ropes and trolleys.
• National Truck Hire
They hire: Prime movers, taunt liners, water trucks, skels, refrigerated vans, delivery vans and moving vans.

• Good customer service giving them the satisfaction and repeated clients.
• Giving customers a deal, like we will beat any price.
• We deliver the trucks, or you can pick them up.
• We...

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